About My Products

My mission is to produce handcrafted personal care products in an artisanal manner - using the finest ingredients available and blended in small batches to ensure quality - resulting in nothing less than an affordable luxury, and because the products are naturalLy derived and vegan-friendly, they are a responsible indulgence.

In an effort to ensure the highest quality handmade products, I source only the finest and most gentle and naturally derived ingredients available. What do I mean when I say "naturally derived"?  I mean that the ingredients I use are either raw natural materials, or natural ingredients that are processed with heat, cold, water, drying, pressure or filtration.  I distill my very own vanilla fragrance using only the finest imported Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and jojoba oil and I fresh-grind the coffee, almonds, cinnamon, and nutmeg in the varieties that call for them.  Any of the product colors are all natural and paraben free - I blend them myself using only pure ultramarines, oxides and vegetable glycerin.


My products are vegan and vegetarian friendly and are never tested on animals - unless you count my group of friends but that is an entirely different topic to save for another time. All of my handcrafted personal care products are available in fragrances for children, women, men, as well as unisex scents - full fragrance descriptions are listed at the bottom of every product page.

There are a select few products in my catalog that include synthetic ingredients, and this is because no suitable natural alternative exists that can be used to ensure final product quality; you can rest assured these are all selected for their extremely high quality and gentleness.  If synthetics are used in any of my products, it is clearly listed in the item description. 

I use a minimum amount of packaging for the products in order to reduce waste. I recycle and reuse as much of my packing material and boxes as possible in order to reduce waste.  The bubblewrap and peanuts might not be all matchy-matchy, but your order will arrive in fine condition all the same.  All of this combined means that you can be confident that your bath goodies will be good for you and the planet.

Why I Do What I Do...

It's simple... it's good clean fun!!!  All kidding aside - I have an extreme passion for bath'n and products but I suffer from very sensitive skin, so I creatively discovered a way to satisfy my own needs while sharing these great products with you. My mission is to produce handcrafted personal care products in an artisanal manner - using the finest ingredients available and blended in small batches to ensure quality - resulting in nothing less than an affordable luxury, and because the products are naturally derived and vegan-friendly, they are a responsible indulgence. I have found that following this artisanal approach allows me to have my hands on and in the product every step of the way. I make every effort to ensure that the products are natural, gentle, cruelty free and environmentally respectful.

All my naturally derived products that are available in a variety of fragrances are scented in your choice of either an all-natural essential oil resulting in a 96-100% naturally derived product, or a gentle synthetic fragrance oil resulting in a 94-98% naturally derived product. I focus the majority of my efforts toward my natural products, and in order to cater to even the most sensitive folk I have recently introduced the "Pure" line of products that are completely fragrance and color free! You can find the "Pure" varieties in each of the product categories.

I have also introduced my "Good Stuff" category of naturally derived cleansers, deodorant, moisturizers, and other great products that defy categorization; some serve several purposes in a single package in order to help you reduce waste, need for space and expense!

For many years I have shared my bath goodies with family and friends as gifts, but after a great amount of urging (and a steady stream of requests for more product after the holidays or birthdays have passed) I have decided to share them with all of you. I am so confident that the quality and integrity of the product will stand on its own that I will personally assure your satisfaction. 100% guaranteed!

My Philanthropic Efforts...

While I love to joke that I love what I do because it is good clean fun, I am delighted that it affords me the opportunity to contribute  to causes very close to my heart - cancer, kids and animals.

A portion of purchases made at Grease Rags Clothing Co, my host retail boutique space in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, are donated to ROCSTART (Rallying Oral Cancer Support Through ART) to help support local oral cancer patients. I frequently donate items for fundraisers for ROCSTART at Grease Rags sponsored events as well. 

For every $30 retail sale - online, at Grease Rags Clothing Co, Farmers Markets and other local events - one bar of naturally derived cleansing soap will be donated to All Things New Orphanage to improve the quality of life for the children there.                                                                                                                                                    

And I frequently donate items to care for animals such as Dry Shampoo for Paws, Paw Protection Stuff and Don't Bug Me Stuff spray to - as well regularly donate items for raffle to assist in fundraising efforts for - local animal rescues, animal shelters and animal support organizations.

Who Is Talking About Nicole Made This?

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Featured Products

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This scrub is perfect for facial or body treatments and it smells heavenly - coffee with a hint of chocolate!

Clean Stuff All-Over Wash

Clean Stuff all-over wash is excellent for your body, hair, as bubble bath, or in a pump next to your sink to wash your hands.