About My Products

My mission is to produce handcrafted personal care products in an artisanal manner - using the finest ingredients available and blended in small batches to ensure quality - resulting in nothing less than an affordable luxury, and because the products are toxin free and vegan-friendly, they are a responsible indulgence.

I insist upon creating products that are free of SLS sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. I distill my very own vanilla fragrance using only the finest imported Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and jojoba oil and I freshly grind the coffee, almonds, cinnamon, and nutmeg in the varieties that call for them. 


My products are vegan friendly and are never tested on animals - unless you count my group of friends but that is an entirely different topic to save for another time. All of my handcrafted personal care products are available in fragrances for children, women, men, as well as unisex scents - full fragrance descriptions are listed at the bottom of every product page.

I use a minimum amount of packaging for the products in order to reduce waste. I recycle and reuse as much of my packing material and boxes as possible in order to reduce waste.  The bubblewrap and peanuts might not be all matchy-matchy, but your order will arrive in fine condition all the same.  All of this combined means that you can be confident that your bath goodies will be good for you and the planet.

Why I Do What I Do...

It's simple... it's good clean fun!!!  
All kidding aside, I discovered I had sensitive and allergy prone skin over twenty years ago. And twenty years ago, if you could find toxin-free products they certainly weren't in a twenty year old's budget. So I started making my own products to meet my needs. As the years passed my techniques have become more refined and my catalog has increased, but my passion remains the same... handcraft the finest artisanal products possible at an affordable price and have a great time doing it!

My Philanthropic Efforts...

While I do this because it is good clean fun, I am delighted that it affords me the opportunity to contribute  to causes very close to my heart - cancer, kids and animals.

I frequenty support the following non-profit organizations through fundraising efforts:
ROCSTART (Rallying Oral Cancer Support Through ART) works to help support local oral cancer patientsand raise awareness of oral cancer.
I also donate soap and other personal care items to All Things New Orphanage to improve the quality of life for the children there.  
In addition to fundraising efforts, I donate items like Dry Shampoo for Paws and Don't Bug Me Stuff to care for animals at local animal rescues, animal shelters and animal support organizations.                                                                                                                                          

Who Is Talking About Nicole Made This?

I like to think of myself as making the world a little more sudsy & fun every day - and word is catching on! Please visit the following pages to find reviews and interviews about me and the products I craft:


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Featured Products

All-Natural Foaming Soy Milk Bath Soak

I think of this as a more refined and highfalutin bubble bath for grown folks, or high-society tots, your choice...

CoffeE Scrub

This scrub is perfect for facial or body treatments and it smells heavenly - coffee with a hint of chocolate!

Clean Stuff All-Over Wash

Clean Stuff all-over wash is excellent for your body, hair, as bubble bath, or in a pump next to your sink to wash your hands.