Are you looking for Local Brew soaps blended from beers, coffee, wine, and champagne? You can find them here...

Sulfate & paraben free Soap Bars

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All of my handcrafted naturally derived soaps are made in small batches in my grandmother's mixing bowl with a base made from only the finest all natural coconut oil and pure extra virgin olive oil - no sulfates or paraben!

Foaming Soap Pumps

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Foaming soap pumps are made in small batches in my grandmother's mixing bowl with a naturally derived base made from only the finest all natural coconut oil and pure extra virgin olive oil - no sulfates or paraben!

Sulfate & paraben free Feminine Cleanser

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After a good deal of testing for proper pH levels and to ensure no irritants, I am thrilled to offer my liquid feminine cleanser.  No perfumes or pigments - your "parts" don't need 'em!

Fragrance Descriptions

Natural & Essential Oil Varieties:
Coffee Chip Cookie Dough - an instant favorite blended with warm Madagascar vanilla, fresh ground coffee and non-GMO soy milk; coffee is a natural odor combatant so it's great in the kitchen and caffeine is a major ingredient in most anti-cellulite and slimming creams so you may want extra for the bath - this is the "bar that started it all" 
Oatmeal Cookie - a skin-soothing and exfoliating blend of oatmeal and non-GMO soy milk blended with freshly ground cinnamon (mildly astringent and stimulates the skin and warms the body; aphrodisiac qualities) and freshly ground nutmeg (used in the treatment of blackheads, it has anti-aging properties, and can reduce the appearance of scarring)
Lemon Poppy Seed - a bright blend of 100% certified pure essential lemon oil and black poppy seeds (this variety is available only in solid bars as the poppy seeds would clog the foaming pump)
Lavender - relaxing and soothing 100% certified pure lavender essential oil 
Put the Lime in the Coconut - transport yourself instantly to the tropics with this delightful concoction of skin-loving coconut and uplifting 100% certified pure lime essential oils 
Lemon Sage - a balancing and relaxing blend of 100% certified pure lemon and sage essential oils will help you wash away your day and bring you clarity 
Unwinding - a relaxing aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, geranium and sweet orange to help balance and unwind you
Pure Clean Fun - a "Pure" product; all of the good skin-loving stuff without any added fragrance or color; for those who relish in technicalities, "hypoallergenic" 
Original Stubble Bubbles Men's Fragrance - a favorite of men and women alike, the fragrance of original Stubble Bubbles all-natural shaving soaps, available here, is a blend of 100% natural essential oils with notes of bergamot, sweet basil, pink grapefruit, and a hint of patchouli - getting clean isn't "girlie" especially when it smells like this! 
Gentle & Skin-Safe Fragrance Varieties:
CLEAN STUFF FOR BABY SCENT - a light and gentle scent that is proving popular with big kids as well as the wee ones - notes of lemon, jasmine, vanilla, and lily 
Life's A Beach - this one smells like a little bit of sunshine, a hint of surf, a sprinkle of sand, and a touch of suntan lotion; perfect for summer or keeping summer alive! 
Loopy Fruits - this one brings back childhood memories of Saturday morning with cartoons and cereal right out of the box 
Bellinis with Brunch - sweet notes of peach and champagne sparkle in this delightful fragrance
The Bee's Knees - a sweetly intoxicating treat for the senses with notes of honey nectar, orange, star anise, jasmine and violet
Energizing - an energizing aromatherapeutic blend of citrus, jasmine, cucumber and berry to stimulate and awaken you
A Clean Shave - a special scent for men; very sexy and very masculine fragrance reminiscent of an old fashioned barber shop 
Manly Musk - the classic scent for men; a slightly sweet, woodsy, and sexy scent