Aloe Gel After-Shave

Aloe Gel After-Shave

$12 · 3.5 oz pump bottle


Aloe Gel After-Shave is an alcohol and paraben free soothing and moisturizing vegan after shave gel that is perfect for men and women. It is very gentle and I guarantee it's sting-free! This formula is rich with aloe vera, babassu oil, argan oil, and a botanical blend of essential oils for a fresh and nourishing post-shave experience. This formula is light, non-comedogenic and perfect for head to toe use!

Every 3.5 ounce pump bottle is blended fresh to order - just for you!

*product note: due to the very high water and aloe vera juice content, this product contains a small amount of gentle synthetic stabilizers, thickeners and paraben-free preservative  in order to ensure the product remains in its intended form for usage and remains pure and safe for home use...

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