Stay Fresh Stuff All-Natural Deodorant

Stay Fresh Stuff All-Natural Deodorant


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Stay Fresh Stuff is a natural deodorant that is safe for you and the environment - and it really works! Free of aluminum and other harmful ingredients, Stay Fresh Stuff is handcrafted to order and blended from only natural and gentle ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, fractionated coconut oil, cornstarch, and aluminum free baking soda. The cream is finished in your choice of all natural essential oils to enhance the fresh feeling. The base of this formula is essentially a gentle moisturizing skin cream, so it doesn't irritate even after freshly shaving! The cream delivers all the effective ingredients to the skin leaving you soft, smooth, fresh, and dry. I don't personally note any visible white marks after application. Every four ounce glass jar (by volume) comes with a washable plastic spatula for easier application - you can stir it prior to use if it is required. The cream formula is a vegan product. A little bit goes a long way, so this jar should last you quite a long time.

*Now available in a value size - a full pound of freshness at a savings over purchasing 4 individual jars! The value size jar is packaged in a Ball brand elite wide mouth pint jar at an eight dollar savings over purchasing four individual four ounce jars.

Stay Fresh Stuff is blended fresh to order - just for you!

A note from the maker (me): This is not an antiperspirant - it will not prevent you from sweating; the ingredients work to absorb wetness and prevent nasty and unpleasant odor. I have personally found that as I've used my natural deodorant, my body seems to sweat less anyway - it's as though the blocking and clogging of my pores with commercial antiperspirants/deodorants forced my body to sweat more in an effort to clear the pores and allow my body to flush toxins as it was naturally meant to. I also don't encounter bumps or rashes using natural deodorant in comparison to frequently experiencing skin irritation from commercial products.

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Fragrance Descriptions

Lemon Sage - a balancing and relaxing blend of 100% certified pure lemon and sage essential oils
Lavender Sage - a refreshing and cooling blend of 100% certified pure lavender and sage essential oils
peppermint + Tea tree - a cooling and cleansing blend of 100% certified pure peppermint and tea tree essential oils
Original Stubble Bubbles Men's Fragrance - a favorite of men and women alike, the fragrance of original Stubble Bubbles all-natural shaving soaps, available here, is a blend of 100% natural essential oils with notes of bergamot, sweet basil, pink grapefruit, and a hint of patchouli - getting clean isn't "girlie" especially when it smells like this!