Stubble Bubbles Shaving & Beard Conditioning Oil

Stubble Bubbles Shaving & Beard Conditioning Oil

$15 · 2 oz twist top bottle

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Stubble Bubbles is now available in a luxurious, moisturizing and soothing natural blended oil formula for men and women! This incredibly rich and luxurious oil comes in a two ounce bottle (by volume) with a convenient twist top and is vegan & paraben free! Blended from sweet almond, rapeseed, wheat germ, sesame, and argan oils - so it's unbelievably gentle and soothing - and then finished with your favorite fragrance, or no fragrance at all if you choose.

I strongly suggest you soak your razor in a glass of cheap vodka when you're finished shaving to clean your razor of any residue - save the good stuff for sipping!

Stubble Bubbles Shaving Oil is a true workhorse! Not only is it excellent for even the most sensitive shavers, but it also serves as an excellent leave-in conditioning oil for beards and facial hair, it is a great tool for gently removing mustache wax, massage treatments and it can even be used to remove eye make up and as the liquid component for my Facial Scrub (no kidding!) - what other uses can you think of???

Every bottle of Stubble Bubbles Shaving Oil is blended fresh to order - just for you!

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Fragrance Descriptions

Natural & Essential Oil Varieties:
Lavender - relaxing and soothing 100% certified pure lavender essential oil
Put the Lime in the Coconut - transport yourself instantly to the tropics with this delightful concoction of skin-loving coconut and uplifting 100% certified pure lime essential oils
Lemon Sage - a balancing and relaxing blend of 100% certified pure lemon and sage essential oils will help you wash away your day and bring you clarity
Unwinding - a relaxing aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, geranium and sweet orange to help balance and unwind you
Simply Soft - a "Pure" product; all of the good skin-loving stuff without any added fragrance or color; for those who relish in technicalities, "hypoallergenic"
Original Stubble Bubbles Men's Fragrance - a favorite of men and women alike, the fragrance of original Stubble Bubbles all-natural shaving soaps, available here, is a blend of 100% natural essential oils with notes of bergamot, sweet basil, pink grapefruit, and a hint of patchouli - getting clean isn't "girlie" especially when it smells like this!
Gentle & Skin-Safe Fragrance Varieties:
CLEAN STUFF FOR BABY SCENT - a light and gentle scent that is proving popular with big kids as well as the wee ones - notes of lemon, jasmine, vanilla, and lily
Life's A Beach - this one smells like a little bit of sunshine, a hint of surf, a sprinkle of sand, and a touch of suntan lotion; perfect for summer or keeping summer alive!
Loopy Fruits - this one brings back childhood memories of Saturday morning with cartoons and cereal right out of the box
Bellinis with Brunch - sweet notes of peach and champagne sparkle in this delightful fragrance
The Bee's Knees - a sweetly intoxicating treat for the senses with notes of honey nectar, orange, star anise, jasmine and violet
Energizing - an energizing aromatherapeutic blend of citrus, jasmine, cucumber and berry to stimulate and awaken you
A Clean Shave - a special scent for men; very sexy and very masculine fragrance reminiscent of an old fashioned barber shop
Manly Musk - the classic scent for men; a slightly sweet, woodsy, and sexy scent