The Good Stuff

Are you looking for Sparkle Stuff Glitter Gel? You can find it here...

Clean Stuff Body/Hair Wash

View Details $6 & up.
Clean Stuff all-over wash is a sulfate and paraben free naturally derived liquid cleanser that is excellent for your body, hair, as bubble bath, or in a pump next to your sink to wash your hands.

Good Clean Fun Stuff

View Details $13 & up.
Good Clean Fun Stuff is a wiggly jiggly cleansing experience. It's like J-E-L... oh you get the idea!

Soft Stuff Lotion

View Details $6 & up.
My Soft Stuff all-over lotion is a 97% naturally derived base of sunflower oil, coconut oil and shea butter.

Whipped Stuff Natural Body Butter

View Details $14.
Whipped Stuff natural shea and coconut oil body butter is handcrafted and whipped fresh to order.

Sweet Stuff Solid Lotion Bars

View Details $12 & up.
Sweet Stuff Lotion Bars are convenient hands-free skin loving lotion bars ready to go!

Magic Stuff for Skin Solid Lotion Bars

View Details $12 & up.
Magic Stuff for Skin is an all-natural miraculous skin treatment in solid bar form containing pure all natural unrefined cocoa butter, plant based waxes, and all natural fractionated coconut oil blended with 100% certified pure sweet orange essential oil - also available in the Simply Pure variety with no fragrance so it's hypoallergenic.

Stay Fresh Stuff All-Natural Deodorant

View Details $14 & up.
Stay Fresh Stuff is a natural deodorant that is safe for you and the environment - and it really works!

Fresh Hair In a Flash Stuff Dry Shampoo

View Details $11.
Don't have time for a shampoo and blow dry? Want to add some volume in a jiffy?

Dry Shampoo For Paws

View Details $11.
Now available in a pet-safe formula for cats and dogs in all-natural lavender peppermint!

Balm Bar

View Details $6.
Balm Bars are pocketable solid fragrance sticks available in scents suitable for everyone! Smell good on-the-go!

Roll-On Scented Oil

View Details $12.
Roll-On Scented Oils are pocketable personalized fragrance oils available in scents suitable for everyone! Smell good on-the-go!

Cuticle Butter + Moisturizing Gloves

View Details $7.
This amazing cuticle butter is vegan and paraben-free! I package this with a pair of natural cotton moisturizing gloves for maximum benefit - it's like having a mini manicure at home!

Don't Bug Me Stuff

View Details $14.
This 4 ounce glass pump bottle contains a delightful blend of soybean oil and 100% certified pure lemon eucalyptus natural essential oil that softens and soothes skin and it just happens to smell like something that makes bugs... well, bug off!


Local Brews

Wine Lotion - blended exclusively with San Sebastian wine - and Champagne Lotion are available here...

MagnIPAcent India Pale Ale lotion with Bold City Brewery Mad Manatee IPA is available here...

Local Brew Jelly Cleansers brewed with beer, coffee, wine & champagne are available here...

Hemp Lotion is available here...

Beer Lotion

View Details $15.
Brewed exclusively using Bold City Brewery Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale, this formula is infused with avocado butter, babassu oil, Vitamin E, aloe vera and olive butters and is finished with an addictive spiced oatmeal and vanilla scent.

Coffee Lotion

View Details $15.
Brewed exclusively using fresh-brewed Vagabond Coffee, this formula is infused with avocado butter, babassu oil, Vitamin E, aloe vera and olive butters and finishes with a warm and richly spiced coffee scent.

Beach'd Ale Lotion

View Details $15.
Brewed exclusively using Bold City Brewery Killer Whale Cream Ale, this formula is infused with avocado butter, babassu oil, Vitamin E, aloe vera and olive butters finishes with a bright citrus oil blend for an addictive beach-ready treat for the senses.


Fragrance Descriptions

Natural & Essential Oil Varieties:
Lavender - relaxing and soothing 100% certified pure lavender essential oil
Put the Lime in the Coconut - transport yourself instantly to the tropics with this delightful concoction of skin-loving coconut and uplifting 100% certified pure lime essential oils
Lemon Sage - a balancing and relaxing blend of 100% certified pure lemon and sage essential oils will help you wash away your day and bring you clarity
Unwinding - a relaxing aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, geranium and sweet orange to help balance and unwind you
Pure Stuff - a "Pure" product; all of the good skin-loving stuff without any added fragrance or color; for those who relish in technicalities, "hypoallergenic"
Original Stubble Bubbles Men's Fragrance - a favorite of men and women alike, the fragrance of original Stubble Bubbles all-natural shaving soaps, available here, is a blend of 100% natural essential oils with notes of bergamot, sweet basil, pink grapefruit, and a hint of patchouli - getting clean isn't "girlie" especially when it smells like this!
Gentle & Skin-Safe Fragrance Varieties:
Clean Stuff for Baby - a light and gentle scent that is proving popular with big kids as well as the wee ones - notes of lemon, jasmine, vanilla, and lily
Life's A Beach - this one smells like a little bit of sunshine, a hint of surf, a sprinkle of sand, and a touch of suntan lotion; perfect for summer or keeping summer alive!
Loopy Fruits - this one brings back childhood memories of Saturday morning with cartoons and cereal right out of the box
Bellinis with Brunch - sweet notes of peach and champagne sparkle in this delightful fragrance
The Bee's Knees - a sweetly intoxicating treat for the senses with notes of honey nectar, orange, star anise, jasmine and violet
Energizing - an energizing aromatherapeutic blend of citrus, jasmine, cucumber and berry to stimulate and awaken you
A Clean Shave - a special scent for men; very sexy and very masculine fragrance reminiscent of an old fashioned barber shop
Manly Musk - the classic scent for men; a slightly sweet, woodsy, and sexy scent